Introducing an IKEA Hacker …..

My friend Jennifer has many talents; she is incredibly funny, is a great writer, accomplished producer and has amazing flair in the art of persuasion. It is this flair that got us into a private Albanian graduation party in New York’s swanky Gavensport Hotel one summers night, the same flair talked me into buying $200 worth of pampered chef goods that I’ve never used and it was this same flair that convinced me into filming a video for her incredibly funny you tube channel. Check it out following link below …… enjoy !!!!

The video features my IKEA ‘hack’ gold tables. You can watch all of Jennifer’s weekly videos on




2 thoughts on “Introducing an IKEA Hacker …..

    • Hi,

      I first tried spray painting with the Rust-Oleum Pure Gold (metallic paint and primer in one) whilst it was ok it did not come out as gold as I would have liked so I ended up painting the tables with Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics Gold Base paint. Hope that helps.

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