Loving the GROOVE ………

Back before kids I used to have photos in albums with a short description under each one, way back before kids I had my own dark room and printed my own black and white photos. These days with kids I make endless lists of what I would like to do with my photos and how I would like to organize and categorize them. It’s when my youngest starts asking why there are not as many photos of him in frames that I realize I am failing. I also remember the days when I used to travel around with a purposely designed back pack for my SLR camera, all my lenses and film, always reading reviews on the latest cameras and lenses. These days I travel around with my iPhone and capture the most magical moments with my kids on my phone. This is why I was so excited when I found out about the Groove Book app. Using the free Groove Book app you can download  photos off your phone, they are then printed in a 6×4 book of up to 100 pages, the photos are perforated so you can easily remove them and since the data is take of your phone, the photos have date and location printed on them  and all for a fee of $2.99 per book !!!! I think I’ve ordered 9 already, the boys love looking at them, and with their colorful covers they look pretty on the coffee table and make for a great conversation starter ……….. Check them out on http://www.GrooveBook.com and get your first one free using the coupon code GONZALEZVEGA11



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