A wall fit for a gallery

We’ve been in our new apartment for 19 months now which means that is how long I’ve been threatening to put holes in the wall and hang some pictures. My husband gets quite nervous at the prospect as I’m not know for either my patience or ability to measure straight. Like a lot of us out there I’ve also been obsessing over picture gallery walls. The more ideas I looked up the more obsessed and confused I became. I had some very grand ideas using different style frames and objects. In the end I decided to tackle the wall outside the boys bedroom with the intention to showcase both their artwork and photos of the boys and their friends. I used solely the IKEA black RIBBA frames and though I did not intend to  hang photos from ceiling to floor I’m glad I did as I think the end result is quite effective.  The boys love to see their art work on display, I just have to keep reminding them not too touch as I’m not convinced they’ll withstand their little hands. So far they are all still hanging 🙂

Floor to Ceiling Picture Gallery

Floor to Ceiling Picture Gallery


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