Take a walk on the wild side



Me and a cheetah (Namibia circa BK* 1999)

I can officially prove that my animal print obsession is real. Check out the above photo dated BK*1999 (*before kids) don’t let the backpacker outfit of reef sandals and sarong attire detract from the beautiful animal. There is something to be said for the Big Cats, they are powerful and strong yet majestic and beautiful, a little how I envision myself or how I hope my boys envision me.

As the only woman in the house, I am constantly trying to leave my mark amongst a clutter of sports equipment, nerf guns, star wars merchandise, wimpy kid books and under armor gear. I already wear animal print so why not decorate with it in and really  mark my territory. Say hello to animal print throw pillows. I actually think my plan is working, as yesterday I purchased a leopard print water bottle and my youngest asked ‘is this yours mum?’ I believe my look gave him the answer he was looking for and he put it down. I wonder whether anyone makes toilet seats in leopard print ?

Below is a roundup of my favorite animal print pillows available online, there is something for everyone’s price range and  style because I do believe that everyone can rock these prints. Don’t think you can rock the tan look?  No worries,  you can rock animal print in any rainbow shade, just like the cute print on number 10. Go take a walk on the wild side!

animal print pillows


It’s pronounced Tarjay not Target

It’s no secret that things sound better in a French accent and hence there is no reason to limit its use to the French language. Growing up in Sydney my friends and I used to refer to the American department store Target as Tarjay, it made our Saturday jobs folding polyester clothing sound all that more sophisticated. To be truthful, 25 years ago Target stores in Sydney suburbia where not glamorous places. What 16 year old would think that this would become her number #1 go to store when she reached motherhood and beyond? What 16 year old is thinking of the merits of a store where you can purchase all the families essentials like; milk, champagne, toilet paper, lipstick, ibuprofen, kids birthday present, frying pan, bedding, lamp, stationary ………. under one roof ?

Now living in Boston, Target has become my sanctuary.  Not that my husband  understands but I know I’m not alone as I have witnessed other mothers in action, aimlessly strolling the aisles perusing all the things they don’t really need yet magically convince themselves otherwise. The store is open until midnight, so its guilt free shopping when the kids are asleep and their return policy is extremely generous to allow for easy returns on those impulse buys. I mean how many accent tables can you fit in a 1000 square foot apartment regardless of how pretty they looked in the store?

Recently I’ve been buying more home furnishings than toiletries and groceries at Target. Occasionally I have escaped home in the middle of a snow storm on the proviso that we desperately needed toilet paper only to come back with new lamps and bedding and no toilet paper (true story!). What I love the most about Target’s home range is their constant reinvention. Their design collaborations keep things fresh and interesting. The current Project 62 range is modern, edgy, with a mid century twist, none of the pieces are too bulky, so they not only fit comfortably in the back of the car but also in small living spaces! Nate Berkus also collaborates with Target and has a great range of accent pieces that are constantly changing to match both the seasons and trends. The Hearth and Hand range made famous by Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper is also worth a look for a more traditional and conservative design with a shabby chick feel to it.

In my experience Target has been smart with their price point, they are making every day pieces at affordable prices. They are by no means family heirlooms and most pieces are unlikely to withstand heavy combat but they do what they say on the box. I think the home furnishing industry is changing with big department stores like Target collaborating with designers to produce affordable pieces. I think the days that a piece of furniture was purchased as a family heirloom are long gone and that is testament to the times we live in. Fashion has long been that way and whilst most will invest in one or two statement pieces a year that will hold their longevity and last a lifetime (well at least you tell your husband that to justify the cost of those leopard print boots), the rest are affordable pieces purchased to keep up with the latest and greatest. Check out some of my favorite recent ‘Tarjay‘ finds below.


If we are constantly editing our wardrobe why should our homes be any different? Fashion transcends to many areas not just clothing. It is easy to update and spruce up an old outfit with a new pair of shoes or a statement necklace, likewise it is as easy to do the same with a room. A tired room can be given a new lease of life with some new throw pillows, a new rug and some art work all without breaking the bank. Next time you go by a Target, think ‘Tarjay‘ and head on inside, you might be surprised that you walked in expecting to buy the family pack sized toilet paper but came out with a new room. Viva La France and happy decorating.


Ruth @ prettyonastring


Honey I shrunk the furniture!

More to the point, Honey I made the furniture disappear!

At this stage in our relationship, my husband has learnt to block out background noise quite effectively. So much so that when I recently told him that I had put our living room furniture up for sale on Craigslist, I think the only words he heard was living room and left it at that. He most likely thought I was discussing a new color scheme, so you can imagine his surprise when he came home one night after work to an empty living room.

Last night the final piece of furniture was picked up, the boys looked on in amazement and wasted no time trying out their new obstacle free wrestling ring. Meanwhile their dad looked lost and confused, most likely pondering how he was going to watch sports on TV standing up! I wasted no time getting started on a mood board designing a whole new look, well why not?

Coco Chanel, one of the  most iconic women in the 20th century held the strong  belief that fashion is in everything, she is also quoted as saying that “fashion was made to become unfashionable”. My husband will probably quote me as saying “the furniture was no longer meeting our families needs” that was my argument as I figured quoting Coco Chanel to him may not play to his practical nature.

When we moved into our apartment 6 years ago, I had 4 and 2 year old boys. Those little boys took up very little space, so when I was dreaming about my glass and marble tables, whilst I may have been put off my grubby fingerprints, I never once envisaged the wrestling that now takes place. My kids also went to bed earlier and we didn’t all watch TV at the same time, something that has recently changed as we find ourselves all jostling for the best seat in the house for our weekly movie night. The furniture had become outdated for our family or some may say unfashionable. Time for a change.

Maybe operation clear out was a little drastic or as my husband asked ‘could you not have waited until after Super bowl Sunday?’ He does not understand that creativity waits for no one. I’m looking forward to redesigning and sharing with you my new fashionable living room for our family and needless to say a pretty space. Follow me for updates on the new space.


Before Operation Clear Out


After Operation Clear out