Take a walk on the wild side



Me and a cheetah (Namibia circa BK* 1999)

I can officially prove that my animal print obsession is real. Check out the above photo dated BK*1999 (*before kids) don’t let the backpacker outfit of reef sandals and sarong attire detract from the beautiful animal. There is something to be said for the Big Cats, they are powerful and strong yet majestic and beautiful, a little how I envision myself or how I hope my boys envision me.

As the only woman in the house, I am constantly trying to leave my mark amongst a clutter of sports equipment, nerf guns, star wars merchandise, wimpy kid books and under armor gear. I already wear animal print so why not decorate with it in and really  mark my territory. Say hello to animal print throw pillows. I actually think my plan is working, as yesterday I purchased a leopard print water bottle and my youngest asked ‘is this yours mum?’ I believe my look gave him the answer he was looking for and he put it down. I wonder whether anyone makes toilet seats in leopard print ?

Below is a roundup of my favorite animal print pillows available online, there is something for everyone’s price range and  style because I do believe that everyone can rock these prints. Don’t think you can rock the tan look?  No worries,  you can rock animal print in any rainbow shade, just like the cute print on number 10. Go take a walk on the wild side!

animal print pillows