It’s pronounced Tarjay not Target

It’s no secret that things sound better in a French accent and hence there is no reason to limit its use to the French language. Growing up in Sydney my friends and I used to refer to the American department store Target as Tarjay, it made our Saturday jobs folding polyester clothing sound all that more sophisticated. To be truthful, 25 years ago Target stores in Sydney suburbia where not glamorous places. What 16 year old would think that this would become her number #1 go to store when she reached motherhood and beyond? What 16 year old is thinking of the merits of a store where you can purchase all the families essentials like; milk, champagne, toilet paper, lipstick, ibuprofen, kids birthday present, frying pan, bedding, lamp, stationary ………. under one roof ?

Now living in Boston, Target has become my sanctuary.  Not that my husband  understands but I know I’m not alone as I have witnessed other mothers in action, aimlessly strolling the aisles perusing all the things they don’t really need yet magically convince themselves otherwise. The store is open until midnight, so its guilt free shopping when the kids are asleep and their return policy is extremely generous to allow for easy returns on those impulse buys. I mean how many accent tables can you fit in a 1000 square foot apartment regardless of how pretty they looked in the store?

Recently I’ve been buying more home furnishings than toiletries and groceries at Target. Occasionally I have escaped home in the middle of a snow storm on the proviso that we desperately needed toilet paper only to come back with new lamps and bedding and no toilet paper (true story!). What I love the most about Target’s home range is their constant reinvention. Their design collaborations keep things fresh and interesting. The current Project 62 range is modern, edgy, with a mid century twist, none of the pieces are too bulky, so they not only fit comfortably in the back of the car but also in small living spaces! Nate Berkus also collaborates with Target and has a great range of accent pieces that are constantly changing to match both the seasons and trends. The Hearth and Hand range made famous by Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper is also worth a look for a more traditional and conservative design with a shabby chick feel to it.

In my experience Target has been smart with their price point, they are making every day pieces at affordable prices. They are by no means family heirlooms and most pieces are unlikely to withstand heavy combat but they do what they say on the box. I think the home furnishing industry is changing with big department stores like Target collaborating with designers to produce affordable pieces. I think the days that a piece of furniture was purchased as a family heirloom are long gone and that is testament to the times we live in. Fashion has long been that way and whilst most will invest in one or two statement pieces a year that will hold their longevity and last a lifetime (well at least you tell your husband that to justify the cost of those leopard print boots), the rest are affordable pieces purchased to keep up with the latest and greatest. Check out some of my favorite recent ‘Tarjay‘ finds below.


If we are constantly editing our wardrobe why should our homes be any different? Fashion transcends to many areas not just clothing. It is easy to update and spruce up an old outfit with a new pair of shoes or a statement necklace, likewise it is as easy to do the same with a room. A tired room can be given a new lease of life with some new throw pillows, a new rug and some art work all without breaking the bank. Next time you go by a Target, think ‘Tarjay‘ and head on inside, you might be surprised that you walked in expecting to buy the family pack sized toilet paper but came out with a new room. Viva La France and happy decorating.


Ruth @ prettyonastring





As a mother of two rapidly growing sports obsessed boys, my challenge living in an apartment whose storage capabilities seem to shrink at an exponential inverse rate to the boys growth rate has been and will remain storing their plethora of different equipment. We have balls in every shape, size and color and off course all the different bats, sticks, apparatus to match and don’t get me started on the footwear, I envy the frequency at which they get to change it (and not for style reasons !)

When I visit friends who have made that move from city to burbs, there are three rooms in the house that I lust over the most; the mud room, the laundry room and the basement, for me it’s these rooms that scream luxury. The rooms where you can hide away the drudgery that comes with everyday living. The saying out of sight out of mind is playing around in my head at the moment.

Like a lot of my fellow mothers, the task of entertaining all these different sports lies not only in finding a suitable storage space for all the equipment but in remembering where they last had it.  I have found shin guards in the bathroom and mouth guards in the lego box before !! Needless to say my heart rate increases as we attempt to leave the house and everyone is scrambling.

On a recent weekly trip to Target to buy toiletries and trash bags, both of which I forgot to purchase as my attention was quickly drawn to the CLEARANCE section. I found myself looking at some rather cute storage ottomans. I had not come to Target to look for ottomans but as a frugal shopper the fact that they were reduced from $78.99 to $23.98 meant I had to buy them because as I later found myself telling my husband “it was a deal” something he has gotten accustomed to hearing though not quite understanding. Having gotten the deal I set about rearranging the kids sporting equipment from goggles, to shin guards, to mouth guards to flag belts, to you name it …. in these ottomans. RESULT !!! they now get what they need when they walk out the door and can put it straight away when they walk back in. Something I have found to be a lifesaver as their lack of attention spans usually means that by the time they walk in the door and turn the corner they have forgotten what I asked them to do and most importantly it means I get my grand entrance back and a normalized heart rate.


Anyone else suffer from this same condition? If so I would love to hear how you’ve overcome these storage wars. We have had this system going for 2 weeks and so far so good ….